4 essential oils I integrate into my beauty routine

Actually, everything started about 2 months ago. Alone in front of my mirror, I was angry on whole earth. “My hairs was greasy.” “I have black spots.” “The dry tips”. “And my buttocks were filled with cellulite”. In short, I felt nil, ugly and completely desperate. In these cases, I have only one remedy: I ​​call my mother, the only person on earth able to withstand my untimely complaints, apart from my guy, but its degree of tolerance is unfortunately passed after 30 seconds. After 20 minutes of discussion, my mother put an idea in my mind: to test the essential oils. Moms are always right, aren’t they?

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Tea tree essential oil

Having comedones everyday is out of question! To fight against these little black spots, every girls is worrying about (me first!), I decided to act: two to three times a week, before going to bed, I dilute 10 drops of essential oil of Tea Tree in about 2 tablespoons of Jojoba vegetable oil. I rub my clean face with this care. Why this mixture? First, the essential oil of Tea Tree is full of antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is purifying and sanitizing problem skin. Associated with it, vegetable oil of Jojoba regulates the secretion of sebum and helps to unclog the pores of the skin. After 2 months, I can tell you: it’s the perfect combo!

The essential oil of rosemary

My hair and I, it is a quite whole story! One day I adore them, the next day I hate them. Anyways, it is their fatty roots that exasperate me again and again. After emptying liters and liters of shampoo on my hair, I finally found the solution: the rosemary essential oil! With each shampoo. I jumped on Ijoobi.com to have myself one, and it has been delivered in 3days. I add 20 drops of this oil to my washing base. The effect is magical, rosemary oil is astringent, purifies the scalp and eliminates excess sebum. I can finally sleep longer each morning and skip the shampoo box for 2-3 days. A real miracle. The additional Bonus? Its camphor and fresh perfume that I adore!

Atlas cedar essential oil

You already know, to eliminate my cellulite, I workout actively with the Ultimate Abs Stimulator from Ijoobi.com. But to increase my chances of overcoming those cellulites that ruin our lives, nothing like the Atlas cedar essential oil. Known for its anticellulite and fat burning properties, it drains and promotes blood circulation. How to use it? I usually mix 4ml of essential oil with about 60ml (one bottle) of hazelnut vegetable oil. I apply the the mixture – before having my shower – on my cellulite areas. I massage palpate-rolling to jostle fat cells and unclog tissues. And it works! Combined with my sport program, I finally got rid of those embarrassing orange peels!

The essential oil of Ylang-Ylang

After tackling the fat roots. Here comes the dry ends… Aggravated by the cold weather, the sun or the styling devices, my hair often lose elasticity and my tips become brittle and forked. After testing the entire cosmetic range of products available on the market, I decided to tackle things in a smoother way, and turn to more natural alternatives. That’s how I let Ylang-Ylang essential oil slide into my bathroom. Known to bring shine to the hair and revitalize the hair fiber, I mix two to three drops of essential oil to 2-3 tablespoons of coconut vegetable oil. I leave the mixture on my length for 3 hours minimum, or all night when I have time. Results? Nourished, resistant and flexible hair tips.

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