Acupuncture to lose weight, does it work?

Acupuncture to lose weight is especially focused on ear points. Ear acupuncture is a particularly useful new acupuncture method. The Ling Shu says: The ear is the place where all channels meet. The Chinese justify the origin of ear acupuncture. The outer ear is a homunculus, with all the organs and parts of the body being represented in the ear. Puncture of the outer ear at a specific point allows treating a disease in the body; For example, if the arm is hurting then the puncture point in the arm, external ear will relieve pain in the arm.

How does acupuncture to lose weight works

Ear acupuncture has been used and acupuncture to lose weight reviewsdeveloped by the French and Chinese as a form of therapy and, specifically by the Chinese, for acupuncture anesthesia. Many people in the West think of acupuncture as synonymous with acupuncture anesthesia. The application of acupuncture as a form of anesthesia is a relatively new phenomenon, and a direct product of the impulse given to acupuncture by the communists. In 1958 acupuncture was first used by the Chinese to control postoperative pain and then began to be used as an anesthetic for simple operations. This technique was found to be effective and its use expanded rapidly. In China it is now used for a wide variety of major and minor operations.

For lose weight is totally effective because it acts on different points of the person. It balances the hormones, the dream and the mood of the person. By making her feel more motivated to lose weight and therefore, can achieve it.

Other points of acupuncture to lose weight

The concept of the homunculus is one that the Chinese have developed even more. There are complete representations of the body in the hand, foot, face and nose. Each of these represents complete ‘micro-acupuncture’ system, capable of treating diseases throughout the body. Acute back pain can be alleviated by stimulating the points of the hand representing the back. Perhaps this can be equated with the fact that every cell in the body has the potential of information to duplicate the whole human. The genetic material in each of our cells is the same as the information from the cell from which we all originate, the fertilized ovum.

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