The Cannabis nutrients you didn’t know before

Cannabis also called marijuana is an herbaceous species with psychoactive properties, contains more than 400 substances. Some of them are harmful and are used for recreational purposes. But others are used medicinal purposes as therapy and to treat different diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes And cancer. Such as cannabidiol, according to the ONU this plant is consumed by a large number of people worldwide being used by approximately 3% of the population. So fine medicinal is necessary to process this plant for the purpose of extracting the compounds that are Beneficial with is the case of the cannabinoids that are those that have medicinal properties as is the case of Pure CBD supplements.cannabis advanced nutrients

It is also important to mention that this plant at the time of cultivation should be given many care and supply the Cannabis nutrient necessary for proper growth. As occurs both in people and animals need in the plant requires the proper care and use of nutrients to maintain healthy growth and development, Plants can grow incorrectly. They refuse to grow by any means or even die if they are deprived of any of these nutrients because some are symbiotic in their ability to be metabolized as food to the plant.

Cannabis nutrients and care

The cannabis when it is cultivated is necessary the use of Cannabis nutrients as the suitable fertilizers The three main elements that the marijuana plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These three elements are needed to strengthen root growth, to invigorate foliage and to obtain lush flowers with a great harvest. Potted soil is already mixed with a balanced ratio of Nitrogen and Potassium which will keep the plant for two to three weeks. As a plant grows high and wide, it needs more nutrients. It is important to express that once the plant has taken the necessary size to use the Cannabis nutrients called 20-20-20 is to say dilute solutions 20% of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potacio, with the purpose of ensuring a better growth of the plant

Another important aspect that handling cannabis nutrients from crops is to apply the correct amounts of them at the right time. The best results can be obtained by managing the nutrient solution, based on growth conditions such as temperature, humidity, water quality, pH, salinity and composition of the nutrient solution. These parameters are easy to monitor and should be measured frequently.

It is important to mention that apart from cannabis nutrients the main nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium), there also exist the so-called secondary nutrients such as Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) are secondary nutrients and used in smaller quantities. Iron (Fe), sulfur (S), manganese (Mn), boron (B), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu) are micronutrients or trace elements

It should also be considered that during the process of development of cannabis is a series of factors such as humidity, temperature, the amount of water and the presence of insects.


Cannabis is an herbaceous species that can be used for medicinal purposes such as Cannabidiol, at the time of cultivation it is necessary the Cannabis nutrients and give the proper care.

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