Best nootropics and what they can do for the brain

Best nootropics are the term, which means legal substances designed to influence the activity of the human brain. These substances must be of natural origin or they should be at least as similar to natural substances as possible. One of the most important features is that these substances are not addictive. As said before, these […]

Erectile dysfunction exercises, an effective treatment

The erectile dysfunction exercises are very important and an excellent alternative to treat these problems, since erectile dysfunction, impotence, has a psychological impact on most men, even though the cause of the problem is purely physical. This can also cause problems in relationships. Support is usually provided in the form of sexual therapy and counseling […]

The Cannabis nutrients you didn’t know before

Cannabis also called marijuana is an herbaceous species with psychoactive properties, contains more than 400 substances. Some of them are harmful and are used for recreational purposes. But others are used medicinal purposes as therapy and to treat different diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes And cancer. Such as cannabidiol, according to the ONU this plant […]

Acupuncture to lose weight, does it work?

Acupuncture to lose weight is especially focused on ear points. Ear acupuncture is a particularly useful new acupuncture method. The Ling Shu says: The ear is the place where all channels meet. The Chinese justify the origin of ear acupuncture. The outer ear is a homunculus, with all the organs and parts of the body […]